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As I said earlier, some students choose courses that are never meant for them due to parent or peer pressure. Some courses are very competitive. You must be brilliant to get admission into these courses unless you are from educational less privilege states. These causes include Law, Medicine & Surgery, Accounting, Pharmacy, International Studies, Banking & Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Agric-Econs e.t.c. Because of the high number of students who apply for these causes, the university expected that you should pass on merit. You can now see that if you are forced into applying for these courses, you are likely going to meet with stiff opposition. Funny enough, I have seen students who filled two competitive courses as their first and second choice during Jamb and post UME application. For instance they may take as first choice and second choice. Worse still they may take law as first choice and ISD as second choice. Now, what they are telling the university is that it is either they give them Law or they should not give them admission at ll. Guess what? That decision is easy for the school to take especially if that person doesn’t meet the cut-off mark.
However, those who choose wisely usually consider their opportunities. They dictate for the school what they want. For instance, assuming they choose Law as their first choice, they will look for less competitive course as second choice. They may take English as the second choice. In that case if that person fail the first choice, it will be easier for the school to fix them for their second choice. How can you choose wisely? That is where orientation comes in. when you choose your first choice, the next thing to do is to list other related less competitive courses. Now ask others what this course is all about and the job opportunity. Then choose the one that appeal to you most as second choice. You may even inquire from the school whether the choice you have in mind is a competitive course in the school. When you are sure that your two choices are not competitive, then you can fill them in your Jamb.
The fact many students don’t know is that whether you choose one course as first and second choice does not give you advantage over somebody who choose it as first choice and choose another course as second choice. What it simply means is that you throw away your second chance of admission. The truth is that if you meet the cut-off for your first choice, the school will not even look at what is in your second choice. But if you don’t meet the cut-off then they will. Imagine the disappointment when they will see that you choose the same course as second choice. Take note that when applying for JAMB, you may choose the same course for different schools. For instance you may choose Law for UNIBEN as first choice and choose Law for DELSU as second choice. But when applying for post UME, don’t fill in two competitive courses for the same university.
There is this issue of new admission policy from NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission). They directed all universities to admit 60% of students for science courses and 40% for Arts/Commercial courses. That means more science students will be admitted. So, if you are going for Art courses, you should be duly prepared for a strong competition.



  1. i am so happy for opening this site. i must say thank u very much. for teaching me how to overcome admission problem. please i would be very greatful if you can send me the name of some universities that accepts second choice be it federal or state. i sincerely will be grateful if u can send to my email.

  2. Well,about choosing the same school for the first and second institution. I rely love that becouse if u have your mark they need ther will not deny u. But i hard that ther will be no more post jamb is that true

  3. i am glad this site has been opened, please i would be glad if i can get some info on how to change my second choice and university. thanks

  4. can i combine neco gce and waec gce for admision?

  5. Can i be admited into unn with jamb score of 209 and D7 in Englsh Language?

  6. Pls contact or message me when utme cutoff is out on 07030114078

  7. plz can some body tell d cut-off mark for medicine

  8. Pls can some one tell me the cut-off mark 4 pol sci in buk university

  9. Pls can some one tell cut of mark of political seince/public adminitration in (lasu) no08085298123

  10. Pls i wil like 2 know d cut-off mark of UNIBEN and AOU for accountancy

  11. I’m so happy to be this site. Pls help me tell my fellow jambites out there who did not score up to the cut off mark “that failure does not mean that u are a failure but it does mean that u have to try harder”

  12. Pls i scored 8points in my ijmb and i applied DE at uniloring 4 biz admin.pls wil their be any hope 4 admsn.

  13. i score 240 in d utme, i went 4post utme @buk and futminna, must i pass da cut off b4 i can b admited? 08063360420

  14. Which university do accept combine result of W.A.E.C and G.C.E on this course PHARMACY
    if any pls text or call

  15. please, i would like to know the universities that do Public health

  16. Plz i wnt 2 knw if i can combine waec nd neco result for diploma programme in Accounting.

  17. i want to know more about university of abuja and university of kaduna

  18. what are their courses for accounting,public admin,business management and other courese

  19. pls can you tell me the cut off point for accounting,public admin, business admin,and business management

  20. Pls i want to kw the cutoff mark for a med-surg student.

  21. I want 2 study medicine and surgery,pls Help me on the choices to use 4 my Jamb reg..

  22. pls send me the cut off mark for utme 2011/12 or contact me on 07092095356

  23. Pls alert me on 08067041455 when the 2012 Jamb registration opens.

  24. thank you for opening my eyes now i can make choice wisely

  25. pls i want to study computer engineering which university is best for me to choose.pls text message.08105148137

  26. Please can someone tell me the cut-off mark for law in abu zaria and if they ve company law in there list of course…….

  27. Am really happy for opening this site. Besides, pls, i want to know more about how to fill jamb form pls.

  28. It is well

  29. Hi..nice wrk you’re doing,
    Pls I’ll like to know if maths a compulsory subject for biz.admin student or can I jst go with Eng. Econs. Govt & Commerce…I’ll be greatful if I can get a reply soonest as I’ll be going 4 reg. Today, fnks

    • yes maths is necessary

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